Trebron Company is a technology and engineering based VAR (Value Added Reseller) specializing in network security and core network computing software and hardware needs. Trebron is a leading enterprise IT company, providing advisory services, security, hosting and technology solutions for 1000’s of organizations.

Trebron helps clients become more agile, secure, digital businesses as they optimize, modernize and innovate their enterprise IT. We do this by using both new and traditional IT effectively to meet their business needs.

Consulting and Integration

Trebron offers SMB organizations unique transformational design and consulting services around cloudadoption, mobility, and data center automation.


Enterprise Architecture Planning

The Trebron team of technologists and engineers can lead your initiative with vision, principles, standards and a road map to help guide the prioritization, operations and management of technologies supporting your organization.


Data Center Virtualization and Automation

Data Center Virtualization and Automation is at the core of what Trebron believes is essential for any organization to survive the next ten years – a software defined data center. If your organization hasn’t begun to leverage and automate the data center, know your competition is.


Network and Identity Security Design

Trebron delivers assessments, planning and design services to help mitigate security threats, identifynetwork vulnerabilities, and recommend remediation steps.


Implementation Services

From deep in the data center to the remote clinical environment, Trebron is ready to assist or manageend-to- end your most complex, advanced technology initiatives.


VMware Virtualization Services

As a VMware Enterprise Premier partner, Trebron is the go-to partner in our region for delivering themost comprehensive VMware services available.


Data Center Technologies

As a VMware Enterprise Premier partner, Trebron is the go-to partner in our region for delivering themost comprehensive VMware services available.


Identity & Access Management (IDM)

Identity and Access Management solutions from Trebron provide the foundation for a secure, risk-aware environment. By managing identity and access across physical, virtual and cloud environments, this intelligent framework allows you to leverage your existing IT assets and new computing models like SaaS, while reducing cost and ensuring compliance.


OS Migrations

Are you prepared to transition your standard operating system without disrupting user productivity or breaking the IT bank? Our proprietary methodologies and process includes products and services that span the entire migration lifecycle and facilitates smooth, near-zero touch migrations.


Application and Desktop Virtualization

Give your employees the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere, from just about any device. Embrace consumerization and simplify IT with virtualized applications and desktops. Trebron can help your team design, implement and manage a user experience that keeps up with the pace and expectations of today’s employees.


Messaging, Directory, and DT Management

Trebron has over 15 years’ experience in desktop management services, including: Active Directory, eDirectory, Exchange, GroupWise, SCCM, ZENworks.


Network Infrastructure

Whether you need an architectural review or a complete upgrade to a 10GB network infrastructure, Trebron can provide fast and efficient implementation services to accomplish your goals.


Wireless Infrastructure Re-engineering

Trebron can perform a complete wireless assessment and produce a detailed color coded floor plan of the entire facility that includes: heat map, signal coverage, access point locations, operational categories and their associated critical levels. Trebron engineers devise a methodology and procedure for upgrading and expanding the system that includes priorities and risk analysis.


Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Enterprise management software today is not equipped to handle the device management challenges presented by non-Windows mobile devices. Trebron can size and implement Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to secure, monitor, manage and support mobile devices deployed across mobile operators, service providers and enterprises. This applies to (BYOD) devices across your organization.


Strategic Partnership

Our promise as a strategic partner: help organizations leverage the capabilities of adaptive technologies for increasing agility and speed to become more efficient, profitable and secure.